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Michael Noonan and Gerry Rising
Mike Noonan and Gerry Rising

Two regional birdwatchers, Mike Noonan and Gerry Rising, each of whom have had a long history with the Friends of Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, have recently completed a series of films about local birds and birdwatching. The films are posted at:


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In addition to its monthly filmed conversations with outstanding birders of the area, the website serves as a resource that should prove especially useful to newcomers to the region and beginning birders. It includes information about our natural history, information about outstanding birding locations, details about the seasonal occurrence of bird species here, links to local organizations and for new birders: special information about equipment and how to get involved.

Mike Noonan was a Friends board member for many years and is best known for his Canisius program that brought several thousand school children to the refuge. Gerry Rising is currently serving on the board and contributes regularly to The Overlook. Together with Tony Wagner they also developed the signage along the Swallow Hollow Trail.