Iroquois Observations

Category: Wildlife Photographer: Kathy Robinson Award: 2rd Place
Photographer: Kathy Robinson

Iroquois Observations is a series of free nature programs offered in partnership between Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and the Friends of Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, Inc.

Iroquois Observations have been expanded so that you can enjoy the refuge throughout the entire year. Events include, but are not limited to: birding excursions, eagle watch, guided hikes, and guest speakers.

ALL EVENTS ARE FREE – thanks to member, sponsor, and donor support from people like you!

Join Celeste Morien on June 29th 2022 from 10-11:15AM for “All About Purple Martins”.

See the ‘condominiums’ our biggest swallows live in. They have declined across the US but with efforts of conservationists, they are rebounding. These graceful birds now nest almost exclusively in birdhouses put up exclusively for them.

“Martin housing has a long history: some Native American tribes reportedly hung up hollow gourds around their villages to attract these birds.” (Audubon)

These birds will migrate to South America for the winter, so see and learn about them now!

Pre-registration required; limited to 10 participants

Call (585) 948-7036 to register.

Rain date is Thursday, June 30th

Eagle Watch

Eagle Watch: Come join as at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge’s Cayuga Overlook every Saturday from 3/26 through 5/7 from 9AM through noon for our Eagle Watch program! Talk with our volunteer eagle experts and learn about these majestic birds, and better yet – see them for yourself! Iroquois has a growing population of eagles nesting at the refuge.

Birding By Car

Birding By Car: An experienced birding team will take you to numerous birding sites around the refuge to point out all of the winged spring migrants.

Learn from the experts where the best birding hotspots are around our 11,000 acre refuge! Drive your own car or car-pool!

Registration Required: Please email or call (585) 948-7036 to register!

Meet at the Cayuga Overlook.

2022 Owl Prowl

Owl Prowl: Masters of the night – OWLS! Who wants to go on a personal tour at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge with one of our volunteer owl experts?! After a brief presentation at HQ, we will caravan to another site where the after-dark exploration for owls will begin. All IO events are free and open to the public!

Registration is required:
or call (585) 948-7036