The Warblers Are Arriving!

The Warblers Are Arriving!
The Warblers Are Arriving!

Dear Supporters of the Friends of Iroquois, Inc., 

I am very disappointed that our joint Friends and Iroquois Refuge events have had to be cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic crisis our nation and world are consumed with.  Hopefully, you, your families and friends are well and practicing safe social distancing, so that we can all bring an end to our confinement as soon as possible.  Because I know many of you are missing the Iroquois Observations programs and have expressed your dismay about our cancelled activities, I would like to point out that you can still come to Iroquois and walk the trails safely.  The Refuge staff have installed signage instructions to indicate how we may continue to walk on the trails and keep socially distant.  For everyone’s safety, please observe the signage, stay on trails and follow the suggested pathway in the direction indicated.  Birdwatching, nature photography and such passive uses of the Refuge are the perfect vehicles for solitary or family activities that promote health, take you to a beautiful natural place and bring enjoyment and fulfillment to life. 

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The best time of the year (in my opinion!) is upon us.  While birding on the Refuge on a recent early morning, I heard a familiar buzzy musical trilling and saw a Pine Warbler, the first of the warblers we expect and so look forward to!  April and May are the optimal times to look for the migratory birds that are just now arriving in our region.   So, even though our birding activities are cancelled, you can check eBird, see what species have shown up and where, and come out to enjoy the beauty of birds on the Refuge. 

Best wishes to all,

Celeste Morien
President FINWR, Inc.