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A Petterson ultrasound converter that detects echolocation calls from surrounding bat.

Chasing Refuge Bats

New York State is home to at least nine different species of bats including the northern bat, little brown bat, Indiana bat, hoary bat, big brown bat, red bat, and...

Blue-winged Teal at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

Iroquois Duck Banders have the Blues

Actually, what the title of this article should say is, “Iroquois Duck Banders Have The BlueWINGS.” That’s because the Refuge banded 181 blue-winged teal during the 2011 waterfowl banding season....

Iroquois NWR completes its first forest improvement project

Forest Improvement Project

During the month of May Iroquois NWR completed its first forest improvement project which focused on replacing a non-native conifer plantation with native tree species. The first planting consisted of...