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Great Egrets gather at the Mohawk Pool – (photo by Celeste Morien)

Great Egret Excursion Program

This year’s Great Egret Excursion was held on the evening of September 7. Thirty people met at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge at the Cayuga Pool Overlook for this exciting program....

Heron Nests

2018 Heron Nest Surveys

Did you know that herons nest in colonies that are called rookeries? Well, technically they are called heronries, but that term has never really caught on in the U.S. A...

Black-necked Stilts are common in the states of Florida, Texas, Arizona and California, where they reside year-round, but extremely unusual for western New York

Black-necked Stilt at Iroquois!

On the sunny spring morning of May 8, I set out to do some birdwatching at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. I arrived at the Cayuga Pool sub-impoundment known as Kumpf...